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Stop Smoking

Is your smoking causing you concern? 

Then I can help you to STOP SMOKING!

“People who seek my help through hypnotherapy, overcome the habit, improve their health and their financial position!”

You can save £1008 - £8008 every year - this is money you can spend on things that improve the quality of your life rather than undermine it.

Nicotine can cause cancer wherever it reaches - it is more poisonous than cyanide; if injected, the nicotine from one cigarette would kill four grown men ! When nicotine is secreted into the cervix in women it results in many unnecessary hysterectomies (BMA).


Mouth and Tongue; Throat and Larynx; Oesophagus; Pancreatic; Bladder; Kidney; Blood (leukaemia); Lung; Brain; Liver.

31 different diseases are caused by smoking, many deadly: asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, gangrene of legs and feet, strokes, high blood pressure...to name but a few

Your Unique Path

Your hypnosis session is tailored especially for you, based on your unique experience of smoking.

It will successfully free you from smoking no matter:

  • how long you have smoked,
  • how many cigarettes you smoke now,
  • how many times you have tried to quit,
  • what your age or medical condition is.

Your hypnotherapy session includes:

  • interrupting the sensory triggers which maintain the habit,
  • a simple self-hypnosis technique which replaces stress with calmness,
  • a trance induction, in which the therapist tells your unconscious to quit,
  • a reinforcement CD for you to take home and keep.

“By the end of the session, you are a non smoker. Smoking is just a bad memory. Your mind focuses on more important things. Your body is cleansing itself and becoming a healthy non-smokers body.”